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FAQs for new eXpand members

If you can’t find an answer to your questions, please contact us or speak to your financial adviser.


About account migration

  • Why did IOOF move my account?

    We moved your account to a single, contemporary, platform technology solution, which is owned by us. This ensures we have greater focus to deliver efficiencies that matter to you.

    With your help, we have designed our operating model around servicing you. We understand it is critical to create efficiencies that are sustainable and provide us with the ability to innovate together.

  • Will I still be able to access my reports and Pursuit data?

    Pursuit accounts, including historical transaction information, will be available via Portfolio Online until the second half of 2022.

  • Do I have to go online now I have migrated?

    No, it’s your choice whether you access your eXpand account online.


About my new product

  • What are the benefits of a new platform?

    Your new benefits from your account include:

    - increased online security such as stronger passwords and two-factor authentication (requiring more than one form of identification, eg a password AND a code sent to your email)
    - easy access to your account information from most device types including PC, tablet and phone
    - improved interactive charts, reporting, communications and annual statements
    - access to straight through online beneficiary nomination forms and signature free renewal

  • What are the differences between Pursuit and eXpand?

    There are a few differences with how Pursuit and eXpand work, click here for more information.

    eXpand is an IOOF product, just like Pursuit. For super and pension the Trustee continues to be IOOF Investment Management Limited, and for investment the Service Operator is IOOF Investment Services Limited.

  • Am I able to change pension payment dates on my new product?

    Yes, you are able to vary your pension. The change of details form is available here.

  • What is a Standing Instruction?

    Standing Instructions are instructions you give us that tell us how you want your contributions invested in your account on an ongoing basis. They are "standing" instructions because they remain active until you tell us otherwise.


My new account

  • How can I make sure my contributions/deposits continue to be applied to my account?

    Contributions/deposits will be invested as per your Deposit Instruction.

    As soon as possible after you receive your Welcome Letter, you should provide your contributing employer with the new fund and account details provided. This includes the updated USI of SMF0126AU and your new account number (which will be in your welcome letter). The USI is the unique superannuation identifier, used by employers to allocate contributions to the correct super fund.

  • When and where do I get my tax statements?

    For investment accounts that migrated in December 2021, you will be sent two tax statements for the 2021/22 financial year. These are expected to be sent in September/October 2022 and will be available on eXpand Online.

  • Where do I get my annual statement?

    Your 2020/21 annual statement for Pursuit is available on Portfolio Online. After the move, we will upload copies of your recent statements to eXpand Online.

  • How do I update my Binding Death Nomination?

    Updating your Binding Death Nomination is simple. Just do the following:

    1. Log in to your account;

    2. click the "Beneficiary" tab; and

    3. follow the prompts.

    Alternatively, you can complete our Binding Death Nomination form.
    We recommend that you speak with your financial adviser when considering what death nomination option suits your personal circumstances.

  • Can I combine my other Super accounts into eXpand?

    Yes, clients can request to consolidate their accounts through MyGov. Alternatively, you can complete our Request to Transfer form  to consolidate your account funds.