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Solutions that allow you to seamlessly transfer your super to pension payments.

Expand Essential Pension

A simple and low-cost pension solution

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Do it on your terms – design the path to your financial future

Features and benefits

Expand Essential Pension

Simple investment menu

22 ready-made portfolios diversified across asset classes, fund managers and investment styles.


Low-cost and transparent fee structure so you can avoid paying for things you don’t need.

Expertise from an award-winning team*

An experienced investment team that utilises a 'best-of breed' investment approach and extensive market research to manage the portfolios.

* For information visit the ratings and awards page

Online account access

Secure and easy access to your pension on the go.

Expand Extra Pension

Extensive investment choice

About 500 managed investments, majority of listed Investments in the S&P All Ordinaries Index, term deposits and annuities.


Competitive and transparent fees with access to team up with other family members to save further on fees.

Expertise from leading fund managers

Extensive industry experience, deep market research and insights.

Online account access

Secure and easy access to your pension on the go.

High rated products and platform

Expand Essential Pension has been rated 5 Apples, a ‘Highest Quality Fund’ by Chant West.

Expand Extra Pension has been rated 4 Apples, ‘High Quality Funds’ by Chant West.

Expand is rated 4 Apples a ‘High Quality Platform’ by Chant West.

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